Kitchen Island on a Budget: DIY

When Brandyn and I bought our home (almost two years ago) everyone told us that our kitchen was perfect for a kitchen island and that we had to get one! I definitely agreed with them. The previous house we had been renting had an amazing island in the kitchen and we absolutely loved it’s utility functions so we knew we wanted one for extra storage and counter space! So, we started looking around and the prices we were seeing for ready-made islands were staggering. We knew that there was no way that we, as budget strapped new homeowners, could even think about spending $1,000+ for an island.

That dream got quickly shoved to the back burner and I pretty much gave up on completing my dream kitchen. I forgot about it for a while but slowly the urge to get that vital piece into our kitchen just became too strong to ignore. I have never been afraid of a do it yourself project. That’s one thing I will be forever grateful to my Dad for. He taught me how to figure out solutions to my household problems and how to use a pretty vast array of power tools. So I started googling some ideas for converting another piece of furniture into a kitchen island because I’m good at DIY stuff but not good enough to build furniture from scratch… YET.

I had a tight budget, I was only able to budget $200 for this project and I really wanted to stay under that price point. I originally wanted to find a dresser to refurbish but they were all really pricey and then I found an old solid wood desk at a thrift store that I was able to haggle down to $35! Once I bought the rest of the supplies and tools that I needed my grand total was about $150!!! Under budget and I couldn’t be happier with it!!!

The finished product! Isn’t it perfect!
This is about what we started out with. A simple solid wood desk with no paint or varnish on it. Cost: $35
We bought a 31 oz can of Valspar Furniture Paint from Lowes. This was a Satin finish for interior and exterior. Cost: $21.23
We then had them tint this paint “Tricorn Black” and while it wasn’t actually black, it was a really dark charcoal grey, we loved it! Cost: tinting is free
You’ll need a paint tray, a small 4 inch foam roller, refills for the roller, and several small (2 inch) foam paintbrushes.  Cost: $19.67
Since the desk didn’t have a base we bought a piece of plywood and had Lowe’s cut it to size for use since we didn’t have a saw. Then we bought 4 furniture feet to bring the top of the island to the same height as our kitchen counters. Cost: $57.85
After a thorough cleaning, I painted the entire desk and all the drawer fronts. I let the first coat dry for 24 hours and then I applied the second coat.
After the second coat completely dried it looked like this! I was so so pleased!
We found this awesome roll of adhesive drawer liner that perfectly matched our kitchen cabinets! It was really easy to apply! Just cut to size and smooth it down in the bottom of each drawer. This made it prettier as well as easy to keep clean! Cost: $3.59
Our finishing touch was this wrought iron rack with hooks for some of our pans! Cost: $20
Wilson is a huge fan of our DIY kitchen island, too! Puppy approved!!!

FINAL COST: $157.34

I hope you enjoyed reading about my very first big DIY project! I know there will be many more to come because it gives me such a huge sense of accomplishment and pride to have made something for our home AND my budget is much happier when I make things myself!

Love always, Stacy xo

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  1. I love the creativity of using a desk as a kitchen island! I used to have a similar one, but ended up selling it when we moved. I should have saved it and made us our own kitchen island!

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    • Thank you! Don’t you hate when you finally part with something and then you end up needing it! I’m sure you could find one for a great deal, though! My husband and I have started stopping by yard sales, thrift stores, and even keeping an eye on Facebook yard sale sites for other pieces that people are selling for practically nothing that we could use to create something new! I love the idea of repurposing and old discarded item! Thank you so much for taking a moment to check out my blog! It means so much to me!

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