Makeup Vanity on a Budget!

I’ve mentioned before that I REALLY love makeup; but I didn’t mention the extremely obsessively insanely embarrassing amount of time that I spend watching videos of beauty bloggers showing off their incredibly organized makeup vanity setups. I’m not really sure what is so fascinating about it all. I’m literally glued to the screen like “YES, girl what makeup products do you keep in that drawer to the left?! I bet it’s all your bronzers, right?!” I mean I can almost tell you which drawer Casey Holmes keeps her favorite self tanner in and which cubby hole holds her favorite lash glue. Yeah… that’s crazy. No… I don’t care. You see, I LOVE organization, probably even more than I love makeup. When everything has a perfectly designated (and sometimes labeled) home; my anxiety tends to quiet down a little and I can relax.

So of course after drooling over these GORGEOUS setups for hours on end, I started browsing around for my own, and holy guacamole did I get my feelings hurt! Y’all… These makeup vanities were STARTING at $600!!! Excuse me while I fall out in the floor! No. Just, no. Never could I EVER or would I EVER pay that money for that!

So, I turned to my favorite site in the whole entire world… AMAZON! Y’all seriously if I can sit on my couch with my dogs and order EVERYTHING known to man, then heck yeah I’m gonna do it! Going searching to 10 different stores (and if you live in a small town like I do then you’re definitely gonna have to log some travel time) and scouring for a deal is for the birds! I did a whole bunch of research and read hundreds of reviews but I finally settled on an adorable white vanity and some extra acrylic storage drawers and I’m so pleased with how my little makeup corner turned out! I’ll put links to every item at the end of this blog; so check it all out and tell me what you think of my setup!


Isn’t she a beauty?! This vanity was such a steal at $204! It was so easy to assemble and it included the vanity stool!
This 6-drawer acrylic organizer was only $26 and it holds so much stuff!!! The drawers are lined with an anti-slip mat and the drawers work really smoothly.
This acrylic lipstick organizer holds 24 lipsticks/glosses and I love that each row is slightly more elevated than the next so I can easily see each one! And it was a steal at SEVEN DOLLARS!
This 4-piece acrylic organizer is so versatile and I absolutely love it! All 4 pieces are separate so you can switch it all around and customize it to your needs! I love that the top is another lipstick/beauty tool organizer with enough room for perfume bottles! This whole unit was only $25!
This 5 compartment acrylic brush organizer is so perfect to organize all of my brushes and keep them from getting makeup all over the place! Again… a steal at $25!
THE ENTIRE SETUP COST: ~ $288!!! That’s less than HALF of what some of the makeup vanities cost! Those didn’t have a stool, a mirror, or any of the extra storage!

I am so thrilled with my makeup vanity and I honestly couldn’t be happier! Keeping all my makeup organized and put away makes Brandyn really happy too! So, it’s a win-win situation! Happy wife, happy husband, happy life!

All my makeup lovers out there need to hop on amazon and check all these amazing items out! I’ve provided all the links for each item under their corresponding picture to help!

Thanks for stopping by!

Love always, Stacy xo

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