Aspiring Blogger: Why?

Here it is! My very first blog!

I have been wanting to start my own blog for about a year or so now. I am absolutely in love (ok, maybe I am slightly obsessed) with reading blogs and watching different daily vlog series on youtube; but I have been hesitant to start my own.

I have waited so long to create a blog because, well, I honestly didn’t know if my life is all that interesting. Everyone seems to have such incredible and awe-inspiring lives. I just work, love on my three dogs, try to keep up a household, and try to be a great wife.

So, I continued to read blogs and dream about having the lives of the people who wrote them. Then it hit me! If I’m reading blogs on how to budget a paycheck and how to make my own laundry detergent… then maybe I have something to talk about that would interest someone else too! I think that realization was an eye opener on how much I undervalue myself and it gave me the push I needed to get myself out there and see what I can do!

The goal of this blog isn’t exactly set in stone; it’s going to be a mishmash of everything that life brings my way. Marriage trials and successes, travel adventures, dog related cuteness, my experiences with homeownership, recipes that I’m loving at the moment, budget tips and hacks, books I am reading, my journey with my faith, and my undying love for travel and adventure.

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I wear many hats on daily basis but a few of my more notable titles include: wife, dog lover, coffee addict, budgeter, organizer, and a bookworm.

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